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John Asker
John Asker

Óscar Ruiz Martínez. Better known by his stage name John Asker, he is a singer, composer and author, born and raised in Mataró, Barcelona (Spain) on May 18, 1989.

His first contacts with music were taking part in playback contests back in 2002 in the urbanization where he resides (Can Rami), in which he won individual prizes impersonating his idol of that time Chayanne. Within a family that owns a textile company, he decided to start his musical career as a singer in an orchestra of Canet de Mar (Barcelona) at the age of 21.

John Asker made compatible his singing classes with advertising castings where he participated for different fashion campaigns of recognized brands in the market. He received his first singing lessons at the 3et school in Mataró, and then with the teacher Miguel Manzo. At the same time, he took piano and guitar lessons, which he used as a tool to compose his first songs.

And it is in 2015 when John Asker, after singing in different orchestras and realizing that scenarios can become his way of life, decides to release his first album "Dreaming a new life", where he is the author of all the themes. This album was was released in July 2015 by the label DeuvedeMusic.

Recorded and produced between Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, this work reflects its authentic personality. The first single called "Tierras Lejanas" expresses the will to explain the importance of never forgetting about our own roots while you are in the pursuit of a dream.

Tracklist from album "Dreaming a New Life"

  1. Besos de mariposa 
  2. The One
  3. I Love U I Need U
  4. Keep All Your Love For Me
  5. Tierras Lejanas
  6. That I
  7. Let Me Be a Superstar
  8. Let's Dance
  9. The Music
  10. Solo si tu quieres


Throughout 2015 he was interviewed by dozens of radios in the district of Barcelona, thus achieving an increase in followers in his social networks. Adding his own advertising management, he got important support from fans from the Iberian Peninsula to America. In 2018 he comes back with a new single called "Come and dance", where it shows us how he is in line with the new musical trends.

John Asker
John Asker
John Asker
John Asker
John Asker


John Asker - Tierras Lejanas (Oficial videoclip)

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John Asker
John Asker


There are many ways to make this a better world. We believe that the world is better with music, and we believe that music is better if you the artist are happy, unless you're a songwriter, right? :)

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