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La Rama del Patio

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La Rama del Patio

"La Rama del Patio" was formed in 2008 in Utrera (Sevilla), the same city where Ivan Carrero Jiménez was born and rised. He is the lead voice and lyricist of the band, a personal artist with an unmistakable street flavor.

The band took its first steps recording a EP in Los Palacios (Seville), with only two songs and the collaboration of the Utrera musicians Amador Gabarri Navas and Vicente Núñez Peña. After that each musician took his own way, leaving Ivan as a key player. He kept the band very active due to the regular contact with local musicians. A major turning point for the band was the appearance on stage of Francisco Romero, who became the first manager of the band. With him they recorded a first demo in El Cuervo (Seville). This work consisted of four songs and had a strong initial push that led to concerts in the provinces of Cádiz and Seville with musicians such as Francisco Suárez, Jorge Cordero, Daniel Amarillo, Dani González and Iván Carrero Jiménez.

For various reasons the band returned to Utrera with a new energy and a more cheerful touch, and with new musicians from Utrera that contributed a lot to the unmistakable style of this "garrapatera" band. Among those musicians were Ruby Reina (bass), Rafael Camacho Salas (drums) and Gabriel Galera Gutiérrez (flamenco guitar).

By 2016 La Rama del Patio started again its composition and recording activity, creating new songs with the collaboration of musicians such as Karlos Zurdo, Danidutrera, Judith Montero, Jose Manuel Salvatierra and Juan Fén.

La Rama del Patio

The band returned to the rehearsals and live concerts in trio format with Ivan on vocals and guitars, José Manuel Salvatierra on percussion and choirs and Juan Fén on electric bass, besides some collaborations. That year they published two new tracks, "The Awakening" and "The Camarona", an advance for what they were preparing for the fans later in 2017.

Among his most outstanding influences it's worth to mention groups and artists such as Triana, Camarón, Pata Negra, Kiko Veneno, Extremoduro, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses and , on top of all, Los Delincuentes (the source in which they drink the most).

"La Rama del Patio" is rock, flamenco, blues, pop, reggae...

La Rama del Patio


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La Rama del Patio
La Rama del Patio


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