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Madrid Free Boleros

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Madrid Free Boleros
Madrid Free Boleros
Madrid Free Boleros
Madrid Free Boleros

Madrid Free Boleros

Tribute to Tete Montoliú and Mayte Martín

"Despite the youth of these fabulous artists they have known how to offer a fresh vision of  this jewel of our musical past. This vision comes from the deepest respect to the original artists but never losing the opportunity to leave their own imprint. The same way the echo from the mountains return give us our voice back, we have to recreate a kind of artistic echo of the fabulous album that Tete Montoliú and Mayte Martín gave us. In short, this is nothing but an affectionate tribute to a work that we consider to be essential ".

With a repertoire based on the work of Tete Montoliu and vocalist Mayte Martin, "Madrid Free Boleros" pay tribute to the album with the same name, from the deepest respect, and always trying to add the talent, the freshness and the personality of this quartet.

The band is a quartet, with a rhythm section and a female vocalist. With a foundation based on Piano, Double Bass and Drum / Percussion, the audience will be able to taste the sweet melodies of a perfectly chosen voice to dress every note, a "dream team" for the senses.

The show lasts approximately one hour and a half, although their versatility allows them to adapt to any event, as well as the possibility of expanding repertoire based on the opportune requirements.


  • "Contigo en la distancia"
  • "Usted"
  • "Nostalgia"
  • "El día que me quieras"
  • "Adoro"
  • "El reloj"
  • "La hiedra"
  • "Mía"
  • "Somos"
  • "Contigo aprendí"
  • "La gloria eres tu Tu"
  • "Mi delirio"
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Madrid Free Boleros


There are many ways to make this a better world. We believe that the world is better with music, and we believe that music is better if you the artist are happy, unless you're a songwriter, right? :)

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