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Maida Larraín
Maida Larraín - Lo poco que se

Maida Larraín

Maida Larrain, daughter of filmmaker Ricardo Larrain (La Frontera), will present this highly anticipated album which comes to officially launch her singing career. Because after living 10 years in Madrid and after performing musical plays in numerous theaters in the Spanish capital, now the "cantactriz" -as she likes to call herself- now seeks to focus on her singing skills and talent, developed during those years in Spain. It's remarkable her successful performance in the theater play "Y si Dios fuera mujer" for more than 7 years

Therefore, since he returned to Chile in 2011 and after having achieved many successes during his nationwide tours and her performances at the Mori Theatre with its café concert autobiographical "A calzón quitao" (2011-2013) and "White and radiant "(2014), Larrain decided to continue to speak for women but now only from singing. This album, as she explains, "arises from the everyday, from those experiences that women are passed on from generation to generation and enliven the feminine wisdom."

"Lo poco que se” is a fresh and contemporary bridge between the new generations and traditional Latin American music.

“Because I found knowledge in everyday life. The smell of my mother, in the stories of Maruja, my grandmother. While my dad was doing magic with a brush in his hands. I learn it every day from my daughter's laughter, and from my sisters and my friends. I learned it from the songs I heard travelling with my family, on the road, That music that we have had under the skin for generations. And the little I know I've learnt it also by looking at the stars, Same stars that you see in the sky.”

With 12 songs the singer and actress has given birth to an album consisting of songs written mostly by the singer and winner of the Festival of Viña (2013), Paula Herrera. The outstanding musician Pedro Melo contributes in music production and arrangements. Also involved in this album featured musicians Chicoria Juan Antonio Sánchez, Camilo Salinas and Rene Arangua among others. And the cover art is the work of the famous Chilean illustrator Paloma Valdivia.

<h4>Check out the last videoclip from the song "Gracias por marcharte" in Youtube</h4>

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Check out the videoclip from her last song "Gracias por marcharte"

Maida Larraín
Maida Larraín


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