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After two years performing locally under the artistic name of Molsom, this songwriter from Vigo now releases his first album called "San Andrés", a great work with eight brand new songs in Spanish.

He started playing in different local bands (Ritual, Monkey Trainers, Rithm n' Brothers,...), after that and after a several years break he comes back to Music with renewed strength in the form of this self produced Folk-Rock album.

With the sustainability of the project in mind, he started back in 2015 a series of concerts, sometimes playing solo and other times with a curious acoustic show called MOLSOM & WOSLOW, accompanied by a percussionist. In that show he plays covers of big Hollywood blockbusters. During that period of time he composed and recovered the themes that were going to be in this new album "San Andrés" recently released.

After the recording of the album, the bass player Gabriel Gasio was included into the formation. And more recently, after summer 2018, the drummer Emilio Atanes also joined the band to form a more electric and rocky type of formation. 


"San Andrés"

This album was edited at the end of 2017. The eight songs that you can find in it are interpreted and self-produced by the author. It is a folk album in Spanish with clear reminiscences of blues and American country, with careful lyrics, powerful and personal voices and combining very few elements with the pure sound of acoustic guitars and percussion. He also had collaboration of Ari Magritte at choirs and Antonio Tato at the harmonica. Both are habitual in his live performances.

You can find it in CD format in Elepé stores and Honky Tonk Discos in Vigo, and its digital version in iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and other digital platforms. 

"San Andrés" en Bandcamp:

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