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Mujercitas Rock

The independent canarian rock band Mujercitas presents its second album called "Animal".This album is a self-published work, authentic rockanroll with an indie flavour. The first single and videoclip from this album, called  "Amanece", gives a very approximate idea of ​​what this experienced and reborn band is willing to do.

"Amanece", first single from the album "Animal":

After a brilliant 2018, in which they have been finalists of several competitions in the Canary Islands (winning also the one that granted them the privilege of opening the last concert of Rosendo Mercado in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Mujercitas presented new album in early 2019.

After two years on the road all along the Canarian geography, the band gather together to record his first album "Ni un paso atrás", which was recorded live in August 2016 and produced by the prestigious argentine guitarist Demian Dominguez. They toured the provincial circuit of venues and performed in several festivals around the Canary Islands. Finally in 2018 they managed to make the first jump to Madrid, hopefully the first of many to come.

In 2019 and with the release of their new album "Animal", the objective of the band is to go on the road again and present their fresh, committed and even transcendent rock & roll throughout the Spanish geography, with a great show that lasts more than an hour and a half where you will here their songs and nothing but their songs, in Spanish, a show that is a lot os fun and that always gains intensity as it progresses, and where there is no room for indifference, but instead an explosive energy that always spreads to those present.

Finally It's worth mentioning that some of the songs from their albums have been selected to be part of different original soundtracks. Such is the case of the web series "El Risco", with two songs: "A plena lung" and "Embriaguez", both from the first album "Ni un paso atrás". And in 2019 the inclusion of the song "Miedo" (from the album "Animal") in the original soundtrack of "Wax is Love", a feature film shot at the end of 2018 in Gran Canaria and with national projection. 

Some of the groups with whom Mujercitas have shared the stage these last two years: Rosendo Mercado, Los Zigarros, DeWolff, O'Funkillo, Said Muti, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, The sticker, The Coquillos, ...

"Miedo", second single from the album "Animal":


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