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Patricia Ares

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Patricia Ares
Patricia Ares

Patricia Ares is a Spanish composer and singer. She grew up in Bilbao (Spain) and began singing when se was just 10 years old. She started taking guitar lessons when she was 8 and singing lessons when she was 12 years old. She really has everything to become the next Spanish Adele, you'll see.

Her musical genre is Pop, but she is also into R&B, alternative music and so on... She released his first single "Forgive Me" in June 2019. And then she published her debut album called "Not Perfect" the next month.

One of the songs included in the album is a collaboration with the music producer Savio Rodrigues.

"Not Perfect" is an album in which she talks about perfect imperfections and how everyone is perfect, because at the end of the day nobody knows what perfection is, since for each one it is something different.

She started uploading covers to YouTube when she was very young, and she still does, in addition to producing her own music. Her musical influences, among others, are Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, Charlie Puth...and of course Adele and Taylor Swift

She is always showing nice and close in her social networks, specially YouTube e Instagram. Follow her and keep updated with her unstopable career.

"Mad hatter", from Melanie Martinez, cover by Patricia Ares:

Patricia Ares

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Patricia Ares


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