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DJ Yanko Lorenzo

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DJ Yanko Lorenzo
DJ Yanko Lorenzo

Canadian DJ, Yanko Lorenzo developed a passion for music at a very young age.

He only started to put his passion into practice in 2017 when after a prolonged tennis injury that kept him away from the competitive sport he was playing since age 6, Yanko started to "play with his music keyboard" and to make music that soon started to gain appraisal from music industry leaders in Ottawa.

At the beginning of 2017, Yanko Lorenzo was releasing his first music video, called Live your Life, on YouTube when DJ Ilon, owner of iLproductions Media, discovered Yanko and decided to play his music at JUMP 106.9 FM:

Ottawa-based Yanko Lorenzo started to play at local shows and in the summer of 2017 was invited to perform at one of the biggest clubs in Canada's Capital, The Bourbon Room:

Yanko Lorenzo continues to grow on the international stage as his vibrant and youth-sounding music enchants listeners of every age. Thus, he was awarded the 1st place on the international platform Mix.Dj for the Dance Chart Week #1, 2017 and Dance Chart Week #50, 2017.

Yanko also has a passion for tennis and thus was featured at TV shows at Rogers TV in Canada: Daytime and Toronto Sessions:

DJ Yanko Lorenzo

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DJ Yanko Lorenzo
DJ Yanko Lorenzo


There are many ways to make this a better world. We believe that the world is better with music, and we believe that music is better if you the artist are happy, unless you're a songwriter, right? :)

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